Hillary Clinton and her people were the first to introduce the trend. They twisted the story about Kyle Rittenhouse, Russia, Covington Boys, and many more.

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Now we have this video of a vaccinated priest who “dropped dead” inside a church. It’s viral!

People shared the video and we all saw the priest who fell down. Everyone rushed to help.

You probably read all the “Priest dies during service after Covid vax” headlines online.

He added: “Thank God I am on my feet, I am already under medical supervision and, on the recommendation of the doctors, I will be absent for a few days…

“I believe that we always have to see things as something that came from God, by the way sometimes there are strong moments that help us to focus on ourselves.  When the body reacts in this way, it means that there is something, then we have to give space to take care of ourselves and see what there is and what a server is going to do.”

Why did the priest collapse? No one said a thing about COVID-19 jabs. He feels great and that’s the only thing that matters.

Source: TheTrueReporter

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