Biden has yet again used a filming set during a speech..

A picture of Biden has gone viral that shows him at the White House but if you look a little closer at the picture shipping containers can be seen through the window.

The picture was taken during Biden’s latest speech on the supply chain crisis which is ironic because there was huge containers stacked up outside of where he was giving the speech.

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Another picture showed that Biden was on some type of set that was the replica of the White House, check it out here:

According to CNN, Biden was releasing a message about the supply chain crisis:

Joe Biden on Wednesday touted progress his administration has made in alleviating supply chain issues that have spurred shortages of consumer products, raised prices for Americans and contributed significantly to historic levels of inflation in the United States.

“We brought together business and labor leaders to solve problems and the much-predicted crisis didn’t occur. Packages are moving, gifts are being delivered and shelves are not empty,” Biden said at the White House.
Biden on Wednesday received a progress report from members of his Cabinet and private sector CEOs on efforts to tackle supply chain issues, lower consumer prices and keep shelves stocked amid the holiday season.

Here’s the video of the speech and if you look to the right of Biden you can clearly see the shipping containers.

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