Dan Crenshaw has not endeared himself to conservatives the way he thinks he has.

Crenshaw has continually alienated himself from the party in many ways, including his support for Red Flag gun laws, and his defense of Liz Cheney.

While Crenshaw defends RINOs like Cheney, he apparently goes on the attack when a young girl asks him a question that he doesn’t like.

Crenshaw was asked by the girl about a direct quote he made, where he seemed to imply that Jesus was a fictional character.

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After she repeated his quote, the girl said:

“I can’t wrap my head around this.”

“Well, I’ll help you. Put a period after Jesus and don’t question my faith,’” Crenshaw snapped back.

The crowd began booing him loudly.

Critics chimed in, calling him out for not responding in a more appropriate manner.

Check out the footage:

For reference, here is Crenshaw saying the quote in question directly.

He could have simply clarified himself in a respectful manner, but instead he found it necessary to respond aggressively to the young girl.

Critics of Crenshaw are calling him out for his behavior:

Source: WeLoveTrump

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